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Our story starts, as so many good stories do, down at the local pub. It’s 1991, and newly arrived British immigrant Mick Ferrero is listening to his fellow ex-pats reminisce about British sausages and how they’re impossible to find here. A third generation butcher by trade, Mick is persuaded to make some.

He asks an old neighbourhood butcher if he could use the back of his shop for a few days a week to whip up some sausages for his new found friends. He combines his own authentic recipes with the finest Australian produce, with mouth-wateringly delicious results. And so The British Sausage Company is born.

The word soon spreads and the orders grow and grow. Before long, The British Sausage Company is supplying local butchers and IGAs. The business quickly outgrows the original butcher shop and then another larger premises. When Woolworths then Coles come knocking, The British Sausage Company opens its own factory.

Within a few short years what starts out as banter about bangers over a beer, grows to become the first supplier to pre-pack sausages for the supermarket industry. People were ravenous for sausages made with passion, pride and quality produce.Today, The British Sausage Company makes over 30 different varieties of sausages, ham and bacon products from their state of the art factories in Western Australia and New South Wales. While the business has grown over the years, they still do exactly what Mick did for that very first string of sausages for his mates: combine the finest 100% Australian meat with authentic traditional recipes.