The Sky’s the limit

Every year we are helping junior communities raise up to $90,000 by donating 30,000 sausages to primary schools and junior sporting clubs throughout Western Australia, New South Wales and Queensland. That’s enough sausages to build Australia’s biggest skyscraper! Scroll down to learn more about our Junior Community Sausage Sizzle Fundraisers.

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About the program

For over 25 years we have been proud to provide our traditional recipe sausages to families who have been supporting us right from the start. Our Junior Community Sizzle Fundraisers are all about giving back to the people that have given us so much by donating 30,000 sausages every year.

These fundraisers are open to primary schools and junior sporting clubs throughout Western Australia, New South Wales and Queensland. All you have to do is apply using our online application form found below and, if your application is approved, we’ll supply you with 210 sausages!

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How the program works

Each month 2,500 sausages are available. For more information, please read our terms of application below.

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Apply for your event

Using our online application form below, you can apply for your choice of either 210 Beef Eater or Thin Pork Sausages. We kindly ask that applications are made around one month in advance.

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Collect your sausages

Once approved, your sausages can be collected from one of our factories in either Bibra Lake (WA), Arndell Park (NSW) or Lytton (QLD).

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Dress the part

With every sausage sizzle donation, we include two official British Sausage Co. aprons and caps. So you can look great while you’re cooking up a storm!

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Stock up on bread

Our sausages taste their best when they’re served in some delicious buns or rolls. We recommend sourcing them from your local bakery.

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Serve up

We give you easy to follow cooking instructions, posters for communicating your menu and prices as well as a couple of butcher’s tips to make sure everyone can enjoy our delicious traditional recipes. So everyone can enjoy them, we ask for our sausages to be sold for no more than $3 each.

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Snap us some photos

We love seeing pictures of people enjoying our sausages! So, it would be great to see plenty of snaps so we can share on our Instagram and Facebook.

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“Thank you for your support in providing sausages for our funding raising BBQ at Bunnings Rydalmere on the weekend. Everyone enjoyed the food with many coming back for seconds!

The funds raised from the BBQ will go to support our free Learn to Swim Lessons and Pool Life Saving Program at Granville Pool.”

Bruce Horlyck

Terms of Application

Limited to WA, NSW and QLD
As our factories are located in Western Australia, New South Wales and Queensland, we are currently only able to fill applications within those states.

Keep it affordable
We want as many people as possible to be able to enjoy our sausages and support your cause, so we kindly ask that you sell our sausages for no more than $3 each.

Keep it consistent
Please do not use other sausage products or brands other than the supplied sausages from The British Sausage Co.

All for the community
We want to make sure that all the money raised goes to the right cause. All the funds collected from the sausage sizzle must go to your primary school or junior sports club (ages 12 and under).

Pick up only
Your sausages will be available for pick up from our factory in Bibra Lake (WA), Arndell Park (NSW) or Lytton (QLD). Applicants must also bring a minimum 30 litre cooler box and ice packs to pick up 15kg of sausages.

Food safety assurance
We take food safety very seriously so at the time of pickup the applicant will be required to sign stating that they collected the sausages in perfect condition and are to store, prepare and cook to supplied instructions.

Supplying photos
All applicants are required to take photos of the event and send them directly to British Sausages via email. In addition, by sending these images to British Sausages you are assuring that they only contain children whose parents have given consent for their image to be used for promotional purposes.

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Apply for your fundraiser

If you think our Junior Community Sizzle Fundraisers are the right fit for you, please apply below. We kindly ask that you give us at least one month’s notice prior to the event date when applying.